Speeding Fines from Melbourne, Australia - How to Appeal for a Waiver?

During my latest trip to Melbourne, Australia, I have gotten not one, not two but THREE speeding tickets from the State Government of Victoria. Unlike most traffic fines in Singapore, getting out of a ticket in Victoria (or Australia in general) is not that easy and even more importantly, the fines are not at all cheap so think twice before speeding! If you have provided your residential address correctly while you were renting a vehicle, the speeding tickets should get to you in Singapore in about 4-6 weeks.

How Much are Speeding Fines in Victoria?

Speeding Fines in Victoria, Australia | Photo Credit: State Government of Victoria

Speeding Fines in Victoria, Australia | Photo Credit: State Government of Victoria

It is extremely costly to get caught for speeding in the state of Victoria and the fine ranges from AU$194 to AU$777 per ticket. If you have successfully managed to chalk up three speeding fines in one trip like me, the total speeding fine will amount to somewhere between AU$582 and AU$2,331! 

When Can I Seek an Internal Review for a Waiver? 

I always believe in being responsible for your actions - if you have sped during your trip, you should be willing to pay for your fines without complaining. Victoria Police has the right to withdraw a fine and issue an official warning in its place - each one of these applications are judged on a case-by-case basis. While there is no concrete official guidelines to applying for a waiver, you may apply for an Internal Review if you satisfy the following conditions:

  • Exceeded Speed Limit by less than 10km/hr
  • Previous Good Driving Record - no infringements in the last two years

If you have an infringement notice that recorded your travelling speed to be at 10km/hr (or more) above the stipulated speed limit, an official warning will not be issued in place of your infringement notice - in other words, don't bother trying.

How do I apply for an Internal Review?

According to the Victoria Police, Applications for internal review must:

  • be in writing
  • state the grounds for review
  • provide current address and licence details
  • contain letter of consent, or other evidence of consent, if submitted on behalf of a third party.