Making Sense of the Le Club AccorHotels Loyalty Program and Points

The Le Club AccorHotels loyalty program went through some changes earlier this year and like I have mentioned multiple times before, the points that you accrue on this program will essentially offset your future stays - there is no fixed rate of redemption for rooms but the points have a fixed value that is tied to the Euro currency (2,000 Le Club AccorHotels Points = €40). 

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Essentially, Le Club AccorHotels offers a points system that in my opinion, works as a glamourised cashback scheme. At most participating AccorHotels brand, you will accrue points in the following way: 

Status Level Points Earned Per €10
ibis, ibis Styles and Mama Shelter Adagio Adagio Access All Other Participating AccorHotels Brands
Classic 5 10 12.5 25
Silver 6.25 15.5 15.5 31
Gold 7.5 15 18.5 37
Platinum 8.75 17.5 22 44

Basically you earn a fixed number of Le Club AccorHotels points per €10 of eligible spend - as you can see from the chart above, you get more points with a higher status (with the exception of being Gold at Adagio properties) and Platinum members can earn up to 44 Le Club AccorHotels points per €10 of eligible spend (find out how much you need to spend with participating AccorHotels to hit Platinum Status HERE!).

Status Levels Spend Required for €40 (2,000 Points)
ibis, ibis Styles and Mama Shelter Adagio Adagio Access All Other Participating AccorHotels Brands
Classic €4,000.00 €2,000.00 €1,600.00 €800.00
Silver €3,200.00 €1,290.32 €1,290.32 €645.16
Gold €2,666.67 €1,333.33 €1,081.08 €540.54
Platinum €2,285.71 €1,142.86 €909.09 €454.55

The table above calculates the amount of eligible spend required in order to earn 2,000 Le Club AccorHotels which you can then use for the redemption of €400. If you refer to the bottom right corner of the table, you can see that a Platinum member will be required to spend €454.55 to be awarded 2,000 Le Club AccorHotels Points - this brings us to the next table, the effective cashback. 

Status Levels Effective Cashback
ibis, ibis Styles and Mama Shelter Adagio Adagio Access All Other Participating AccorHotels Brands
Classic 1.0% 2.0% 2.5% 5.0%
Silver 1.3% 3.1% 3.1% 6.2%
Gold 1.5% 3.0% 3.7% 7.4%
Platinum 1.8% 3.5% 4.4% 8.8%

Unlike other hotel chains where there is usually a fixed redemption for a particular property regardless of the room rate for that given day, Le Club AccorHotels basically assigns a fixed value of €40 to each block of 2,000 Le Club AccorHotels Points - this is great whenever the hotel chain runs amazing sales that offer up to 50% off but not so great if you wish to game the system and redeem them for a high-demand date (which is what most of us do with other hotel chains). In order to fully maximise the value of your points and bookings, make sure you use a portal like ShopBack (find out how HERE!) to earn more cashback - you should also use the right credit card (e.g. DBS Woman's World MasterCard or the HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Credit Card) to earn your rightful miles. 

Photo Credit: Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa

Photo Credit: Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa

Le Club AccorHotels Points can also be converted into Frequent Flyer miles but as a rule of thumb, you probably shouldn't since it is terrible. With most airline partners (with the exception of Qantas Frequent Flyer and Virgin Australia's Velocity Program), 2 Le Club AccorHotels Points will give you only 1 frequent flyer mile  - QF and VA converts at a much better 1:1 ratio. If you do the math, 2,000 Le Club AccorHotels will generally get you €40 but it will only get you say, 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles (honestly even without the upcoming devaluation, that is still terrbile value). If you do intend to convert your Le Club AccorHotels Points into respective points in the QF and VA programs, you will essentially forgo €40 for 2,000 equivalent points - which is not great but not as terrible as the other frequent flyer programs. 

If for whatever reason, you have to convert your Le Club AccorHotels Points to KrisFlyer Miles, it is worth getting a Virgin Australia Velocity account first, link them up and then convert into VA before converting into KF at a 1.35:1 rate. Assuming you have 20,000 Le Club AccorHotels Points, you will end up with 14,814 KF Miles instead of just 10,000 KF Miles if you go the usual way.