ANZ Travel$ to be Converted into DBS Points after 19 June 2017

Two months ago, I wrote about the reasons on why you should cancel your ANZ Travel Card since the business unit is already sold to DBS and more importantly, the ANZ Travel Card has essentially no more travel benefits. If for some reason, you are still holding on to it (I am personally waiting for the renewal miles to post since I was charged the annual fee prior to 01 April 2017), it is worth noting that your reward points (including Travel$) will be converted into DBS Points from 06 June 2017 (or 19 June 2017 for KrisFlyer Miles redemption). 

Click HERE to redeem your ANZ Travel$ for Miles!

Photo Credit: ANZ 

Photo Credit: ANZ 

At the time of writing, the conversion rate from ANZ Travel$ to DBS Point has not been announced but I would imagine it to have the save value (1 Travel$ = 0.5 DBS Point). Remember 1 DBS Point is worth 2 miles and it should end up with a 1:1 mile conversion rate - I don't see why existing cardholders would be penalised but I will definitely share more as more information comes to light. If you do intend to get rid of your ANZ Travel$ prior to that, you may redeem them for Asia Miles (understand the Asia Miles and Marco Polo Club HERE!) and KrisFlyer Miles right now: 

2,000 Travel$ = 2,000 Asia Miles
5,000 Travel$ = 5,000 KrisFlyer Miles