A Comparison of Suites/First Class and Business Class Book the Cook Meals on Singapore Airlines (from Singapore)

Everyone remembers their very first First Class experience (especially so if you were traveling in Suites) - I remember mine very vividly when I flew from Singapore to Auckland (even though I only wrote about it on the Auckland to Singapore segment) after taking a Business Class flight from Hong Kong to Singapore a couple of hours before that. Apart from the amazing cabin experience as well as the customary visit to The Private Room which is located inside the SilverKris Lounge in Terminal 3 of the Changi Airport, one can also look forward to a more extensive (and in many cases, expensive) selection with 'Book the Cook' (BTC) menu.

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Kyo Kaiseiki   Book the Cook (Suites and First Class)

Kyo Kaiseiki
Book the Cook (Suites and First Class)

If you are redeeming for a First Class ticket for the very first time, it may be possible that you do not realise that most items located in the BTC menu for Business Class are part of First Class - you could potentially select a 'Business Class BTC Meal' while traveling in First Class or Suites. While there is absolutely nothing wrong in that and you should definitely not pick a 'First Class BTC Meal' for the sake of it, I thought that it would be interesting to compare the two BTC menus to find out what's in First Class that is not available in Business Class. 

Menu Category Book the Cook Meal Description
Western U.S. 8 oz. Rib-Eye Steak U.S. beef steak with creamy green peppercorn sauce, roasted vegetables and garlic-mashed potatoes
U.S. Grilled Prime (or Choice) Beef Fillet Grilled U.S. beef with asparagus, baby spinach, crushed potato, and served with balsamic onion sauce. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Alfred Portale
Pan-Fried Veal Loin and Braised Veal Cheek With parsnip purée, fresh garden vegetables and mushroom ragout
Roast Rack of Lamb New Zealand lamb with mint jus, mesclun salad and thyme-flavoured gratin potatoes
Pan-Fried Free Range Chicken Supreme Tender chicken breast with saffron-scented jus, roasted fingerling potatoes and fine ratatouille. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Georges Blanc
Confit of Duck Leg Slow cooked marinated duck leg with mushroom risotto and shaved parmesan cheese
Boston Lobster Thermidor A whole lobster sautéed in butter, flambéed in brandy, sprinkled with cheese, and served with creamy mushroom sauce, garlic and spicy mustard, and buttered asparagus.
Grilled King Prawns With green pea and dill raviolo, lemon garlic butter sauce and cherry tomato
Pappardelle with Seafood Lobster, scallop and salmon in a mushroom, sun-dried tomatoes and seafood broth, with al dente pappardelle pasta
Japanese Kyo-Kaiseki A traditional Japanese array of dishes presented in sequence, with ingredients and garnishes reflecting and changing with each season. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Yoshihiro Murata (inclusive of Breakfast service and available only on flights with duration of 2 hours or more; some items are served at cabin temperature)
Wagyu Sirloin with Eringi Mushroom Wagyu sirloin with baked eringi mushroom marinated with truffle, garlic and sake, yuzu and light soy sauce, accompanied by green beans and jalapeño salsa, served with steamed rice
Chinese Braised Pork Ribs in Yellow Bean Sauce Pork ribs braised with yellow bean, shimeiji mushrooms, carrots and beans, and served with steamed rice
Singaporean Char Siew Wanton Noodle Soup Honey-roasted pork, shrimp and pork dumplings on noodles in a savoury clear broth
Singapore Bak Kut Teh Literally 'Meat Bone Tea', a peppery, savoury soup of meaty pork ribs simmered in a broth of herbs and spices, served with rice
Teo Chew Fish Porridge Southern Chinese dish of rice porridge of lightly poached fish slices, pickled vegetables, toasted Chinese seaweed, spring onions and Chinese celery. Served with sliced red chilli in soya sauce (inclusive of Breakfast service)
Yu Pian Mi Fen Singapore style thick rice vermicelli noodle soup with sliced pomfret and green vegetables. Garnished with spring onions (inclusive of Breakfast service)
Fish Ball Kway Teow Soup Flat rice noodles and fish balls in chicken broth, bean sprouts, Chinese preserved vegetables (tung chai) and sliced red chilli (inclusive of Breakfast service)
Malay Grilled Indonesian King Prawns Spicy prawns with sautéed brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, garlic sauce and microgreens, served with steamed rice
Thai Duck in Red Thai Curry A red curry with duck, served with steamed rice and vegetables
Kaeng Paa Koong A Thai curry of prawn simmered with wild herbs, served with steamed rice
Indian Curry Patta Lobster With spiced spinach and corn, tomato pulao, and served with papadum, pickle and plain yogurt
Deliciously Wholesome Sousvide Miso Simmered Beef Yamato-style with Nimono Vegetables and Potato This beautiful dish, inspired by the delicate and enchanting flavours of Japan, combines iron rich beef with the therapeutic effects of ginger and garlic. The deftly flavoured tender bamboo shoots are rich in fibre that help lower cholesterol levels. A stylish meal for all Japanese food lovers. Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Chef Yoshihiro Murata
Sousvide Miso Simmered Japanese Tofu Yamato-style with Nimono Vegetables and Potato In this elegantly wholesome meal, the protein rich tofu goes perfectly with the flavour-packed miso reduction. The root vegetables stew is packed with fibre and other health beneficial phytonutrients that energise the body. Inspired by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Chef Yoshihiro Murata

For the sake of comparison (and also for my own sanity), I have only looked at the two menus for flights exiting Singapore and therefore the table here is not an exhaustive list of differences. Apart from the inclusion of special meals (e.g. Kyo Kaiseki) that you can only pre-order in First Class and Suites, you will also notice that it is possible to order a more 'superior-quality' meal. For example, passengers traveling on an eligible Business Class flight will be able to order the famous Classic Lobster Thermidor (lobster tail only) but passengers on an eligible First Class or Suites flight will be able to order the Boston Lobster Thermidor (whole lobster). Additionally, there is also the option to order an 8 oz. Rib-Eye Steak over a 6 oz. one. 

Chilled Malossol Caviar  (Not Part of BTC) Singapore Airlines Suites A380-800 - AKL to SIN

Chilled Malossol Caviar (Not Part of BTC)
Singapore Airlines Suites A380-800 - AKL to SIN

What are some of your favourite Book the Cook meals on First Class?