The CBD Warrior's Guide to Affordable Healthy Lunches - Stacking Waitrr, Credit Cards and Promo Codes

Last month, I wrote about how using Waitrr has helped me beat the queues at popular lunch spots in the CBD and more importantly, to help me save money in the long run. As I have mentioned previously, there is no price mark-up when you make an order via Waitrr and you will probably enjoy greater discounts since there are promotions that run from time to time and also a loyalty programme that you can take advantage of. If you are a new user, using my referral code 'MAR94817' will give you S$3 off your first order.

Photo Credit: Waitrr

Photo Credit: Waitrr

Referral and Promo Codes (15-30% Discount)

In order to attract and retain users, Waitrr has been rather consistent at offering S$3 discounts on selected merchants. If you are new to the app or the platform, using my 'MAR94817' referral code will give you S$3 off your first order regardless of whichever restaurant you choose to go with. Subsequently, you should watch out for the S$3 promo codes because chances are that they will be applicable to the stores that you frequent. Obviously the price that you pay depends on what you actually order but I guess it is safe to say that most orders fall between the price range of S$10 to S$20. Therefore a S$3 promo code represents a 15-30% discount - this is something that you will not be able to enjoy if you simply queued up for food without using the Waitrr app.

Waitrr Rewards (4% Future Discount)

Secondly, Waitrr further rewards users with Waitrr Loyalty Points - you get 10 points for every S$1 that you spend on Waitrr and you can get a S$2 discount code with 500 points. You can also get a S$5 and S$10 discount code for 1,250 and 2,500 points respectively. Simple math will tell you that there is no incremental discount if you redeem for a higher value discount code but there are benefits to redeeming a S$10 code which I will share later. Based on the conversion rates, Waitrr Rewards provides a 4% future discount or cashback if you would like to consider it that way.

Photo Credit:  Brooke Lark

Photo Credit: Brooke Lark

Loyalty Stamps (Up to 10% Future Discount)

Selected stores on Waitrr actually provide Loyalty Stamps and there is typically a minimum spend required to obtain one. For example, Wafuken provides one stamp for every S$10 spent and five stamps will actually give you a gift code for S$5 off (which you can utilise at Wafuken itself). Therefore, in a hypothetical scenario where you make five $10 transactions, you will get a S$5 gift code which represents a 10% cashback or future discount. Remember you will continue to earn Waitrr Loyalty Points with these transactions so the discounts actually do stack in a way. s with this S$50 spend. How's that for saving money, earning miles and beating the queue all at the same time?

Credit Card Miles/Points/Rebate/Promo (Variable Discount)

Finally, using Waitrr is a great way to stack those credit card promotions and discounts. Now we all know that banks offer crazy Apple Pay promotions from time to time so you can actually further benefit from these promotions. The DBS Woman's World Mastercard should give you 4 miles per dollar but I am currently using my American Express Platinum Card since it gives me S$1 back for every Apple Pay transaction (up to 10 times).

Using the right combination of discounts can enable you to not only save plenty on your lunches but also to save time since you do not actually have to stand in line. Honestly, there is no reason why you should not use Waitrr since it is an excellent app that is packed with great deals. As much as this sounds like a piece of advertorial, I am unfortunately not paid to write this but I do get a referral credit (as you would) if you use my promo code - get S$3 off your first order with 'MAR94817'!