Guide to Redeeming Your Chope-Dollars for Maximum Value and Dining Pleasure

Chope has a refreshed loyalty program that allows their top-tier members to earn at least 175 Chope-Dollars with each fulfilled reservation. Chope also runs various promotions throughout each month that allows you to earn 400 additional Chope-Dollars at a handful of restaurants. As you may remember, 1,000 Chope-Dollars is worth approximately S$30 and you can easily redeem them for a cash voucher that you can use at selected restaurants. The base way to redeem your Chope-Dollars for maximum value however is to first redeem a Chope Deals Voucher before using it to offset voucher purchases.

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Photo Credit: Chope

Photo Credit: Chope

Chope has just unveiled a brand new app yesterday (at least for iPhone users) and you can now check out all the deals via the Save icon at the bottom of the screen. While it may be easy to quickly redeem your Chope-Dollars for cash vouchers that you can use at selected restaurants, it is worth noting that you can get a lot more value if you do one additional step.

Photo Credit: Chope

Photo Credit: Chope

Step 1: Redeem 1,000 Chope-Dollars for S$30 Chope Deals Voucher

If you are looking for the correct S$30 Chope Deals Voucher to redeem for, simply go into the Chope app and search for "Chope Deals Voucher". Once you have redeemed this successfully with 1,000 Chope-Dollars (which you can get from fulfilling just 10 or 6 reservations for being a Bronze and Platinum member respectively), you will receive a unique Promo Code in your email. Do note that this promo code is only valid for 3 months.

Step 2: Purchase a Chope Deals Voucher (up to 50% off!)

Now it is to my understanding that Chope will eventually migrate all voucher purchase to the app and you will not be able to purchase them via the website in the future (but I could be wrong). As such, I am just going to future-proof this article a little bit by limiting this guide to the app only (you can still purchase vouchers on the website at the time of writing). Once you open up the newly-updated Chope app, you will find a 'Save' icon at the bottom of the screen and clicking that will take you to a page of Chope Deals - you will find buffet deals as well as regular restaurant vouchers here where you can save up to 50% off for dining during off-peak hours. If you prefer the flexibility to choose, most restaurants offer 10% off for an all-day dining voucher.

Step 3: Apply S$30 Voucher Code

Since you have already redeemed for a S$30 Voucher Code in Step 1, you should try to purchase something that is at least S$30 of value (otherwise the remaining balance goes to waste and you can't 'save' it for the future). For example, Wild Honey at Scotts Square offer 50% from 4-8PM on Mondays-Fridays - you can purchase a S$50 and S$100 for S$25 and S$50 respectively. While this voucher requires you to dine at off-peak hours, you can essentially offset that S$100 dining voucher with your S$30 voucher code. Therefore, you will only pay S$20 (S$50 - S$30) for a S$100 dining voucher which is amazing value. Do note that these dining vouchers are typically only valid for a month so make sure you only redeem it when you are ready!

Step 4: Make a Chope Reservation and Enjoy Your Discount (and Free Food!)

Do note that some restaurants will specifically state how many vouchers you can utilise in one-seating so be sure to take that into consideration before you waltz up to the restaurant with five S$100 vouchers. Make sure you make a Chope reservation for the restaurant that you would like to use your Chope Voucher at before you visit - you will obviously also earn Chope-Dollars for this visit.