Incorrect Points Marriott Bonvoy Posted from Recent W Taipei Stay - 14% Lesser so Always Check Your Points!

I have recently completed an amazing stay at the W Taipei where I was upgraded into a Marvelous Suite as a Platinum Elite member. However, when I looked at my Marriott Bonvoy account this morning, I realised that the points posted here approximately 14% lower than what I was expecting - it is always a good idea to calculate an estimated ballpark figure for the number of points you will earn from each stay and then reconcile it afterwards.

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Photo Credit: W Taipei

Photo Credit: W Taipei

I have booked the American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts rate for this stay - this is a perk that is unique to the Centurion and The Platinum Card (not to be confused with the Platinum Credit Card which you can get for 'free'). I paid a room rate of TWD 9,900 (approximately USD 320) before taxes per night for the stay so I was expecting to get approximately 6,400 base points for a 2-night stay. However, when the stay posted into my Marriott Bonvoy account, I realised that I was only awarded 5,508 base points and that is approximately 14% lower than what I was expecting.

While I do understand that currency rate fluctuations exist, the difference should never be this big. I have already reached out to Marriott Bonvoy regarding the adjustment of points and I do not foresee any issues with this.