Purchase 10,000 GrabRewards Points for S$10 - 31 May to 6 June 2019 Only

As part of The Grab Singapore Sale (GSS), Grab is offering the opportunity to snag up a few bargains on Fridays over the next couple of weeks. As part of the second weekly sale, Grab is currently offering all members the opportunity to purchase 10,000 GrabReward Points for just S$10. This is excellent value since you can redeem a S$25 Grab Voucher for just 8,800 (with 1,200 to spare) GrabReward Points if you are a Platinum Member!

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Photo Credit: Grab

Photo Credit: Grab

The following table shows the number of GrabReward Points required for a Grab Voucher - obviously the number of required points per S$1 goes down as you redeem for a higher denomination. Purchasing 10,000 GrabReward Points for S$10 gives you an additional S$15 value at least (even if you were to redeem for five $5 vouchers) so this is actually a fairly fantastic deal.

Grab Voucher GrabReward Points GrabReward Points per S$1
$5 1,900 380
$10 3,600 360
$15 5,400 360
$20 7,100 355
$25 8,800 352

If you are up for more KrisFlyer miles, GrabReward Points can be converted into KrisFlyer Miles at the following rate: 1,400 GrabReward Points = 160 KrisFlyer Miles. Therefore, you can essentially purchase 1,120 KrisFlyer Miles (with some GrabReward Points to spare) for just S$10 - this is a lot cheaper than purchasing miles through the repayment of credit card annual fees in Singapore.