More (Free) Data for Business Class and First Class Passengers on Singapore Airlines

When I flew back on Singapore Airlines from Auckland to Singapore last night, I noticed something different - despite traveling only in Business Class, I was given 100MB worth of data and this was previously reserved for First Class passengers only. After a little digging, I realised that with effect from 01 August 2019, Singapore Airlines offers 100MB to Business Class as well as PPS Club passengers (regardless of cabin class).

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Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines

Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines

First Class passengers will now enjoy unlimited WiFi access for the entire duration on their flight (so long in-flight WiFi is provided). If you are traveling in Economy or Premium Economy Class, you may purchase access to the in-flight WiFi from just USD 3.99. I would personally recommend getting the Pro (100MB) at USD 9.99 since that lasts for the whole duration of the flight sector (which is great on a flight between Singapore and New Zealand. If you are a fairly heavy user, the Premium plan offers 200MB of data for just USD 15.99.