Hilton Asia-Pacific Sale - Quarter 2, 2015

There is nothing more exciting than having a beautiful hotel/resort that you like on sale (at least for me anyway)! Hilton returns this quarter with a sale across all participating properties in Asia-Pacific. Room rates start from just S$55 a night so be sure to click on your destination of choice to see what is on offer! 

Click HERE to check out the Hilton Hotel Deals site! 

Amazing deals for Hilton properties in Asia-Pacific

Amazing deals for Hilton properties in Asia-Pacific

Hilton has some amazing properties around the Asia-Pacific region and even though they do not compete (rate-wise) with other boutique properties, they offer such an amazing experience for a nominal up-charge! If you are staying in a Conrad or Waldorf Astoria property, remember that there are at least 3 promotions you can take register for to earn a ton of bonus points

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