Cheapest Hyatt Mattress Run in Asia-Pacific

If you have not heard about Mattress Running, it is basically something that travellers and loyalty addicts (like myself) do to gain or retain status (and points) each year. There are many reasons why one may choose to mattress run but some reasons include:

  • Attaining and retaining loyalty status for next year
  • Complete a fast track promotion
  • Taking advantage of a targeted promotion

Staying with large chain hotels has its perks and they come in the form of free breakfast (and alcohol!), suite upgrades, late check-outs and complimentary internet amongst other things. There used to be a Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Trial Challenge that one could take advantage of but this has been recently replaced by a Fast Track promotion instead. Here is a list of Hyatt hotels (arranged by Hyatt Daily Rate) that are relatively more affordable in case you are thinking of a mattress run (I know I am!):

Cheapest Hyatt Mattress Runs in Asia-Pacific

HDR: Hyatt Daily Rate | AP: Advance Purchase Rate (if applicable)

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Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur

Do note that the prices (accurate at the time of writing) listed above are for a random weekend 3 months out and should not be used as a representation of the hotel's rate at any point - you should always check the hotel's website for the most current room rates (although I do not expect the HDR to change at all).