Everything You Need to know about the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

If you saw my article last week on the credit cards to get in 2017, you would have (and should have!) noticed a new addition - the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card. Let's be honest here, OCBC has not been on the list of credit cards to get (for mile accrual) in the last couple of years. So when I found out that the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card now gives up to 10X OCBC$ (which translates into 4 miles per dollar), I had to check it out for myself. My conclusion? This could very well be OCBC's best credit card in the market right now for mile chasers. 

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Titanium Rewards Card | Photo Credit: OCBC

Titanium Rewards Card | Photo Credit: OCBC

Is the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card a New Card?

The short answer is no but yes. Prior to this relaunch, the OCBC Titanium Credit Card (not to be confused with the newly-relaunched OCBC Titanium Rewards Card) was a card for seeing shows and performances (it was also a card that I did not care about). The newly-relaunched credit card however, is a powerhouse for earning miles at its peak (4 miles per dollar). Of course there are caveats that go with it and in case you do not know this already (which is highly unlikely), you will only receive 4 miles per dollar (or 10X OCBC$ - whichever currency you resonate better with) on certain transactions that you charge on this card. 

How do I earn 4 Miles per Dollar with the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card?

Regardless of whether you charge your card physically, online or in a foreign country, you will earn 10X OCBC$ (or 4 miles per dollar) on all transactions that are classified under: 

  • Clothes, Shoes and Bags
  • Department Stores
  • Electronics and Gadgets
  • Babies' and Children's Wear
  • Personal Care - until 31 March 2017 only
  • Mobile Payments (e.g. Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay) - until 31 March 2017 only
4 Miles per Dollar with OCBC Titanium Rewards Card | Photo Credit: OCBC

4 Miles per Dollar with OCBC Titanium Rewards Card | Photo Credit: OCBC

What is the Annual Limit on Earning 10X OCBC$? 

OCBC advertises a maximum of 120,000 OCBC$ earned through the 10X OCBC$ promotion that I have highlighted above. This means that principal cardholders will only be able to earn 10X OCBC$ (and therefore 4 miles per dollar) on up to S$13,333.33 each year (calculated based on card anniversary date and not calendar year). Do note that spending on these categories on your supplementary card(s) will also count towards the yearly limit. Following this limit, you will only earn 1X OCBC$ (0.4 miles per dollar) for every eligible dollar spent on your OCBC Titanium Rewards Card. 

Photo Credit: OCBC

Photo Credit: OCBC

How does the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card compare to Citibank Rewards Card? 

If you ask this question, chances are that you know the credit card landscape in Singapore pretty well. To put it blatantly, the two products are very similar in its own way but they both have their own set of pros and cons as well. In general, the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card is more generous than the Citibank Rewards Card if we were to compare them on advertised categories of spend: 

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card Citibank Rewards Card
Clothes, Bags and Shoes 10X 10X
Departmental Stores 10X 10X
Electronics and Gadgets 10X 1X
Babies' and Children's Wear 10X 1X
Personal Care 10X
(until 31 March 2017)
Mobile Payments 10X
(until 31 March 2017)

With that being said, it is important to remember that the Citibank Rewards Card offers 10X points on categories that are not publicised (e.g. DFS shopping in the airport and even some bill payments - some of which were killed recently). The Citibank Rewards Card also offers 20X points (equivalent to 8 miles per dollar) on Amazon transactions until 31 December 2016. 

MasterCard Logo | Photo Credit: MasterCard

MasterCard Logo | Photo Credit: MasterCard

What Other Privileges do I get with World MasterCard? 

If you look beyond the benefits that OCBC offers with OCBC Titanium Rewards Card, you will be able to indulge in World MasterCard privileges as well - some of them are more attractive than the rest and since there are just way too many to list, I will just highlight the interesting ones (at least to me!): 

  • Fast Track to Elite Status with ONE Stay - find out how you can get Gold Elite status on Starwood Preferred Guest, Marriott Rewards AND Ritz-Carlton Rewards Gold with just ONE Stay!
  • JetQuay Privileges at the Airport - arrive or depart in style with JetQuay as a Guest Relations Office handle all your travel formalities while you enjoy refreshments in the lounge.
  • Dining and Travel Benefits - find out more here!