Earn Money when Making Dining Reservations on Chope - Sign-up now for 200 Chope-Dollars (S$6)

I love dining out but I generally like going to places with a reservation - there is nothing more upsetting than finding a fully-booked restaurant when you have already made up your mind on what to eat. Chope solves that problem for me since I can always make a reservation easily (some restaurants do not take same-day reservations unfortunately so you will still have to call them) and more importantly, it allows me to accrue Chope-Dollars which I can then use to purchase discounted dining vouchers on the Chope shop. Here are some reasons why you should use Chope every time you go out for a meal!

Click HERE to sign up for Chope and get 200 FREE Chope-Dollars!

Earn 200 Chope-Dollars Now | Photo Credit: Chope

Earn 200 Chope-Dollars Now | Photo Credit: Chope

1. It's Completely Free, and You Actually Earn Money from It!

Using Chope is completely free and if you enjoy making reservations for restaurants anyway, you will not even need to talk to anyone now. Just open the app (or the website) and tap (or click!) away! You generally earn 100 Chope-Dollar with each reservation that has been fulfilled but there are double Chope-Dollar specials from time to time so watch out for that! Here's what you actually get with these Chope-Dollars:

  • 400 Chope-Dollars: S$10 Chope Gift Card (Earn S$2.50 per Reservation)
  • 700 Chope-Dollars: S$20 Chope Gift Card (Earn S$2.86 per Reservation)
  • 1,000 Chope-Dollars: S$30 Chope Gift Card (Earn $3.00 per Reservation)

Obviously the S$30 Chope Gift Card is the most lucrative redemption option since you essentially earn S$3 per reservation (assuming you get 100 Chope-Dollar with each reservation). 

Make Restaurant Reservations via your Phone | Photo Credit: Chope

Make Restaurant Reservations via your Phone | Photo Credit: Chope

2. Redemption of Chope Gift Card is Simple and Online!

Once you have actually gotten one of these Chope Gift Cards, you will receive a voucher code via your email. Once you have that ready, head down to the Chope Shop and purchase vouchers (they generally have a validity of 3 months from the date of purchase) at a discounted price. S$50 vouchers generally go for S$45 and if you use your S$30 Chope Gift Card, you can essentially purchase a S$50 voucher for just S$15. From time to time there may be other promotions and I have actually gotten S$10 back by purchasing with a Visa Credit Card - ultimately paying only S$5 for a S$50 voucher.

3. View Restaurant Menus

Another thing that I use Chope for is to look at the menus - for some reason many restaurants do not like making their menus readily available online but Chope has a pretty good selection of menus from individual restaurants that are listed on the platform. It is always good to show up at a restaurant with a rough idea on what you are getting already (especially if you are on a date!). 

4. Reduce Disappointment

  • Now we have all seen that melodramatic ad that Chope released a while back and we do not want that to happen to any of us. Queues are stupid and should be avoided where possible.

5. It's International and Growing!

Chope now operates in the following cities so the next time you visit one of these places, open up your Chope app (or website) and start searching for places to dine at:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing
  • Bangkok
  • Bali
  • Jakarta
  • Phuket

Click HERE to sign-up for a free Chope account now and start earning your next free meal!