Everything You Need to Know about the Cessation of the Imagine Card

Like all good things, the sale of the ever-popular EZ-Link Imagine American Express® Prepaid Card has been discontinued since 24 March 2016. The acceptance of this card will also cease from 01 September 2016. This is bad news for everyone who has been using this card as a proxy for the DBS Woman's World MasterCard to earn 4 miles per S$1. Here is a few quick summary of the current and future situation this card is (and will be) in:

Photo Credit: Imagine Card

Photo Credit: Imagine Card

1. You can no longer purchase the EZ-Link Imagine American Express® Prepaid Card 

That's right, if you don't already have the card, there is no way to purchase it anymore - technically there's really no point to purchase it since it's going to be cancelled soon. 

2. Top-ups can only be done until the end of 31 May 2016

If you have not maxed out your DBS Woman's World MasterCard (S$2,000 a month) for March, you should think about doing so now! Since we're approaching April 2016 soon, there is only two more months to take full advantage of this proxy. 

3. You can only use this card until the end of 31 August 2016

Merchants will not longer be accepting this card beginning 01 September 2016. If you do have a balance (and you actually should), fret not because you will be able to get a refund (see below!).

4. Balance Refund is possible between 1 August 2016 to 30 November 2016

Since this card allows you to store up to S$1,000, you should definitely load it up (even if you do not have intention to spend). One final hurrah for manufactured spending!