uberX offers Upfront Fares - Fixed Rates inclusive of EVERYTHING

Even though I have had a terrible first experience with uberPOOL, it has improved ever since then and my trips seem to take only 10 minutes extra on average (which to me is very reasonable). Uber Singapore has just announced that uberX rides are now fixed rates so essentially what you see is what you pay - well the banks still charge a cross border fee of 0.8% (which is not controlled by Uber) so you still need to slap on that 0.8% fee to get what is being charged on your credit card statement. 

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Fixed Rates on uberX | Photo Credit: Uber

Fixed Rates on uberX | Photo Credit: Uber

1. EVERYTHING is Included

Unlike GrabCar rides, the new fixed rates will even integrate the ERP charges into the final sum (oh the power of predictive data!) so there's no need to walk away feeling like you have been cheated (I know that feeling of having a S$7 ERP charge levied on top of a base rate in the morning). 

2. Cross Border Fees still Apply!

Unfortunately even Citibank and DBS has jumped on the wagon of charging cross border fees - this is essentially a fee that banks charge for transactions processed by a payment gateway that is outside of Singapore in SGD. So if you get charged S$12 on an uberX ride, be prepared to see S$12.10 (due to a 0.8% cross border fee levied by your bank) on your credit card statement. 

3. Get Cash Back of S$0.30 with ShopBack

While S$0.30 cash back is incredibly pathetic but if you do have a ShopBack account (and of course you should), forwarding an email at the end of a trip of S$0.30 (it takes just 2 seconds!) is really not a bad deal. If like me you take a trip once a day on average, this is S$9 a month that you can put towards buy yourself two cups of coffee - besides, free money!