Where to Go to in Hong Kong - A Quick Weekend Cafe and Restaurant Guide

I have been to Hong Kong on multiple occasions and one of the things that I struggle with most (apart from the language) is where to go for food and coffee. I am generally unfamiliar with where everything is in Hong Kong and therefore I have really been to popular restaurants that are always recommended and visited by Singaporeans. During my latest trip to Hong Kong where I stayed at the Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong, I checked out a number of restaurants and cafes (some of them are especially memorable) along the way so hopefully this quick guide would help anyone seeking for recommendations. 

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Cafes are generally easier to find and there appears to be more recommendations - the one that I struggled with most was restaurant and food recommendations. The ones that are generally shared on blogs as a listicle were typically out of date and they all seem to sing the same tune. Therefore, I decided to checkout a little less well-known places during my trip and have found the following few restaurants to be mention-worthy:

1. Kai Kee Noodle - 雞記潮州麵食

Kai Kee Noodle - 雞記潮州麵食

Kai Kee Noodle - 雞記潮州麵食

While walking around Tsim Sha Tsui (and straying off-course), I chanced upon this nondescript storefront under an apartment block and was drawn to it by the aroma of beef brisket. Located on Carnarvon Road (check the embedded Google map above for the exact location), Kai Kee Noodle (雞記潮州麵食) offers a selection of noodles that are done in a local-style. What really stood out for me was the Dark Soy Noodles with Deep-fried Cuttlefish Balls (炸紫菜墨魚丸黑豉油撈麵) - the handmade cuttlefish balls were amazing!

2. Wah Lam Noodle Restaurant - 華南粉麵茶餐廳

Things to Eat in Hong Kong-9375.jpg

If I had to pick a favourite local restaurant that I have been to this time round, it would definitely have to be the Wah Lam Noodle Restaurant (華南粉麵茶餐廳) which serves up delicious beef noodles. If you are staying at the Conrad Hong Kong, this is just a short walk away so make sure you ask the concierge on its exact location. 

3. Baek Mi Dang -百味堂

The famous Baek Mi Dang (百味堂) ice-cream from South Korea is finally in Hong Kong! Located on street level of the K11 Hong Kong Art Mall, Baek Mi Dang is made from organic milk which is delightfully creamy. 


There are no lack of cafes in Hong Kong and you will be able to find some big names here - the average price of coffee here in Hong Kong is significantly higher than in Singapore (or even Australia). 

Things to Eat in Hong Kong-9054.jpg

1. % Arabica Hong Kong Star Ferry – % ΔRΔBICΔ

Arabica is quite possibly the most well-known cafe from Kyoto and in fact, it is commonly known as the best coffee you can get in Kyoto. You will find a custom Slayer espresso machine here which are operated by highly-trained baristas here at the Star Ferry location.

2. Elephant Grounds

Elephant grounds is not only famous for coffee but for food as well - I went to the one that is fairly close to Star Street and even though I had to queue in order to get a table (this was a weekday afternoon, mind you), the food was quite good but I thought that the coffee was average at best. 

3. N1 Coffee & Co.

N1 Coffee & Co located on Mody Road was possibly the best cafe that I went to during my short visit in Hong Kong. Do note that there are limited seats here as most people have their coffee to go.