Saving More on Dining by Stacking Eatigo and ShopBack GO - Save More Than 50% Off!

It goes without saying that I am a huge advocate for ShopBack - I have gotten more than S$3,000 worth of cashback from using it over the last couple of years and I have recently discovered ShopBack GO which allows you to earn cashback even when you dine out and pay with your credit card(s). I have recently relocated somewhere closer to the city and realised that Eatigo offers plenty of great dining discounts at restaurants that I typically frequent anyway.

Click HERE to sign-up for ShopBack and get S$5!

Photo Credit: Jakub Kapusnak

Photo Credit: Jakub Kapusnak

If you do not already know, Eatigo is basically a restaurant reservation app that gives you at least 10% discount on your total food bill. In fact, you can even get up to 50% discount on your food when you dine at off-peak hours. While that in itself is already a great offer, you can sweeten that deal further by stacking it with your Shopback benefits.

Photo Credit: Eatigo

Photo Credit: Eatigo

  • Step 1: Sign-up for ShopBack and get S$5 (if you do not already have an account).

  • Step 2: Click on Eatigo via the ShopBack app (or website) to activate a S$1.50 cashback.

  • Step 3A: Make your restaurant reservation on Eatigo.

  • Step 3B (if applicable): Enter a promo code on Eatigo to trigger further bonuses and rewards - these promotions typically change on a monthly basis. ‘

  • Step 3C (if applicable): Activate ShopBack GO benefit at the restaurant that you are visiting. Do note that you will have to activate this benefit every 30 days or so - make sure you check it!

  • Step 4: Enjoy your 50% discount on dining.

  • Step 5: Use your linked credit card for cashback via ShopBack GO