Track Credit Card Points (AmEx, SCB, DBS, OCBC and UOB) on top of Miles/Hotel Points with AwardWallet

Getting involved with miles as well as hotel loyalty points is definitely a great decision and let's be honest, it is actually a pretty fun game to play. One of the questions that I get very frequently, is how exactly do I keep track of credit card points. Assuming you charge at least one credit card transaction each day, keeping track of points can be a rather arduous task - I personally use an Excel sheet to do so but AwardWallet is great if you would like a simpler solution - the platform automatically refreshes your account(s) so you will know whenever there is an increase (or decrease) in your balance(s).

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I have been using AwardWallet for at least four years now and I started using it to simply track airline miles in my FFPs as well as points across my different hotel loyalty programs. The platform and app is free to use but if you would like to see expiry dates on all your accounts (which is extremely useful when you have over 50 accounts to track), you will have to upgrade your free account into an AwardWallet Plus account (USD 30 a year). However, if you are a light user, the free version allows you to refresh each account twice each day (which is extremely generous).

Photo Credit: AwardWallet

Photo Credit: AwardWallet

At the time of writing, customers in Singapore can easily update their point balance across American Express, Standard Chartered, DBS, OCBC as well as UOB with AwardWallet - honestly, those are the main banks that I have credit cards with so it is great that I can enjoy a second layer of tracking. You will not be required to enter any form of OTP or 2FA verification with these updates so it is about as seamless as you can imagine it to be.