Waitrr Rewards Devaluation on 18 June 2019 - Use Your Points Before Then for Maximum Value!

Using Waitrr is a great way to not only beat the crazy queue in the CBD (or anywhere else you work in Singapore) but also to save money by stacking available credit card offers and promotions. I have written a number of articles on Waitrr and I personally use it on a regular basis since you can get 4 miles per dollar and pick up some Waitrr Rewards Points along the way. If you are a new user, using my referral code 'MAR94817' will give you S$3 off your first order.

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At the time of writing, users are able to earn 10 Waitrr Loyalty Points for every S$1 spent. Since you can redeem a S$2 discount with just 500 points, it represents a 4% cashback. You should remember that Waitrr charges whatever the store charges (there is no surge pricing or whatsoever) and since you will have to pick up your order yourself, there are no additional charges (e.g. delivery fees) as well. Additionally, you will also be able to benefit from on-going promotions (the OCBC Pay Anyone offer was great when it lasted!) from time to time which can help you to save more on these daily expenses.


I received an EDM yesterday from Waitrr and it stated that the the number of required Waitrr Rewards Points for the same amount of cash discount are going to increase from 18 June 2019. Therefore, it is advisable for you to use any remaining balance before the aforementioned date in order to maximise the cash value of these points. At this moment, it is unclear how much effective cashback will be after the changes go live but I will definitely continue to use this app regardless since these perks are in addition to the time savings that I will continue to enjoy (by not standing in a queue).