The Shutterwhale's Definitive Guide to Grand Hyatt Taipei

How to get to Grand Hyatt Taipei from Taoyuan International Airport?

1. Bus 1960 (approx. S$7 per person)

The most affordable (and surprisingly fuss-free) method is to take 1960 East Bus from the bus terminal located within the airport. It will cost NT$145 and NT$ for adult and child respectively (prices are accurate at time of writing) - for more information on this bus service, click HERE. The bus runs from approximately 5am to 11pm (in 30-minutes intervals) so you do not have to worry about being unable to catch the next bus out. Also, bus 1960 will stop directly outside of the Grand Hyatt Taipei and it will take approximately 60 - 90 minutes (depending on traffic). I have taken the buses from Taoyuan Airport multiple times and it is usually only 20-30% filled so there will definitely be a seat for you. 

2. Taxi/Limousine (approx. S$50 per vehicle)

If you prefer to take a taxi, be prepared to pay approximately NT$1,000 to NT$1,200 per vehicle (which can take up to 4 adults). If you are travelling in a party of four, it may be a lot more worth it to flag a taxi. There are also limousine companies that do Airport Transfer - I have found Limolimo to of excellent value (and impeccable service too!). I paid only NT$1,200 for a trip from the hotel to the airport in a Black Mercedes S-class limo. Check out Limolimo's website for more details on pricing or simply drop them an email! 

3. Hotel Limousine from Grand Hyatt Taipei (approx. S$120-S$130)

Lastly, if you would like a completely fuss-free experience to get from Taoyuan International Airport to the Grand Hyatt Taipei then you would be pleased to know that the hotel arranges for a BMW (up to 3 guests) at NT$2700 or Volkswagen Transporter T5 (up to 7 guests) at NT$2900. 

What is there to eat around the Grand Hyatt Taipei?

1. Taipei 101 Food Court
As you come out of the lifts and while facing the floral centerpiece of the Grand Hyatt Taipei, make a right and take the overhead passageway towards Taipei 101. At the basement of this amazing building, you will find a food court with really good food! While it may seem like a touristy area, the prices are actually really reasonable (approx. NT$120 to NT$180 per main) and the quality is great as well! Here are some of my personal favourites! 

2. Chen Gen Zhao Cha (陳根找茶)
If you are up for a little bit of adventure (read: some walking and some waiting) then head up to Chen Gen Zhao Cha (陳根找茶). Located in the Xinyi District, Chen Gen Zhao Cha is extremely popular amongst locals for traditional Taiwanese breakfast. If you enjoy Taiwanese Egg Crepe (蛋餅) then you definitely have to come by this place. If you are walking, it will take approximately 15 minutes from the Grand Hyatt Taipei but do note that waiting at Chen Gen Zhao Cha is absolutely essential. In fact, when I got there at 10am, I had to wait for almost 45 minutes before getting a table (and another 10 minutes for the food to be served). While you are there, there is a pretty cool mobile application that you can download to track your queue number though! 

What is the closest Night Market from the Grand Hyatt Taipei?

The nearest Night Market to the Grand Hyatt Taipei is Tong Hua Night Market (通化夜市) that is relatively less well-known but is filled with delicious street food! My personal favourite? Pipping hot Sheng Jian Bao (生煎包)! 

Click HERE for the Guide to Tong Hua Night Market!