Dragon Boat Festival (2016) at Man Fu Yuan (InterContinental Singapore)

Man Fu Yuan debuts two new dumpling varieties for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival (or more commonly known amongst the Chinese as 'Duan Wu Jie'). These two new varietals supplement the already-distinctive collection of rice dumplings at the award-winning restaurant located inside the InterContinental Singapore. Available from 16 May 2016 to 09 June 2016, these rice dumplings will be available for both dine-in and take-away so be sure not to miss them!

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Dragon Boat Festival (2016) at Man Fu Yuan | Photo Credit: InterContinental Singapore

Dragon Boat Festival (2016) at Man Fu Yuan | Photo Credit: InterContinental Singapore

Rice Dumplings at Man Fu Yuan (InterContinental Singapore) 2016  

  • Beef Rendang Rice Dumpling (S$10.80 Nett) - packed with tender beef cheek that is cooked in an aromatic coconut gravy redolent before being wrapped up in flavourful glutinous rice.
  • Honey-Glazed Char Siew Rice Dumpling (S$9.80 Nett)  - Man Fu Yuan's signature roasted pork that is coated with a sweet combination of barbeque sauce, Chinese wine and maltose. 
  • Braised Pork Belly Dumpling with Man Fu Yuan’s Signature Black Bean Sauce (S$10.80 Nett) - wrapped in homemade black bean sauce and a winning combination of chestnuts, mushrooms and minced ginger. 
  • X.O. Sauce Nyonya Dumpling (S$10.80 Nett) – minced pork marinated in Man Fu Yuan’s special homemade X.O.chilli sauce, together with sweetened strips of winter melon and dried shrimps.
  • Man Fu Yuan Jumbo Dumpling (S$18.50 Nett) – stewed pork, roasted pork and duck, dried scallops, dried shrimps, mushrooms, chestnuts, yellow bean and salted egg yolk - ideal for sharing! 
  • Cantonese Style Five-Spice Dumpling (S$9.80 Nett) – five-spice pork belly, chestnuts, mushrooms and dried shrimps.
  • Red Bean Lye Dumpling (S$6.00 Nett) – wrapped with red bean paste and scented with orange peel.