A Guide to Validating 10X Points on Citi Rewards Card

The Citi Rewards Card is one of the best Singapore credit card (in my opinion) to have in 2017. When you charge the right type of transaction to this credit card, you can earn up to 10X Citi Dollars (equivalent to 4 miles per S$1). While there are ways to verify whether or not a transaction will earn you 10X points thanks for crowd-sourcing (special shout out to lcpteck from HWZ who started this online spreadsheet for tracking). I recently realised that you can check on the number of points awarded per transaction (after it has been posted) which really helps to verify and mitigate some risk in those large purchases.

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Checking Points on your Citi Rewards Card

Checking Points on your Citi Rewards Card

After signing-in to Citi Rewards, select the card that you are interested in - in this case, the Citi Rewards Card. Click on 'My Points Dashboard' and then 'View your full points summary' to see the number of bonus points that have been posted per transaction. 

For transactions that have been awarded bonus points (e.g. 10X points), you should see 1X as 'Points earned' and 9X points as 'Points bonus'. This is a great way to check on recurring transactions and whether the right number of points are awarded for it.