Earning More Miles Daily with Mileslife - Everything You Need to Know!

Mile accrual and redemption is extremely lucrative - it allows you to travel in a premium cabin (e.g. Business and First Class) for free (well, you still have to pay for taxes) - check out my experience on-board the Suites Class in Singapore Airlines. One of the best ways to start raking up these miles is to make small changes to your spending habits each day and if you enjoy eating out, traveling or simply enjoying the finer things in life, Mileslife can help get you on-board a First Class seat a lot faster. 

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Earn Extra Miles with Mileslife!

Earn Extra Miles with Mileslife!

What is Mileslife?

Mileslife is an app that allows users to earn additional frequent flyer miles at more than 1,000 restaurants, hotels, spa and tour experiences - this is on top of whatever that is given to you by your credit card provider! 

Double-dip on Miles with Mileslife

Double-dip on Miles with Mileslife

Why should I use Mileslife?

Mileslife allows you to double-dip on promotions. To illustrate this point, consider spending ¥1,000 in a restaurant when you visit Shanghai. Assuming the restaurant has a Merchant Category Code for dining and you charge the full sum to your UOB Preferred Platinum American Express credit card, you should earn approximately UNI$420 for this transaction - this is equivalent to around 840 miles in KrisFlyer and AsiaMiles.

However, if you were to settle this transaction using Mileslife, you can potentially earn 1 Mile per ¥1 spend - this is on top of what you would earn with your credit card. Using the same example above, your ¥1,000 dining bill can potentially earn you 1,000 miles on the same transaction and this online transaction will earn you an additional 420 DBS Points which is equivalent to 840 miles in your frequent flyer program of choice - this gives you somewhere between 8 to 9 miles per S$1 spent

Where can I use Mileslife? 

Update: You may now use Mileslife in Singapore from 01 June 2017! 

You may use Mileslife in seven cities in China (e.g. Shanghai and Beijing) at the moment but the company intends to expand its offerings pretty quickly to help the growing middle class get the most of out their daily purchases and spend. In fact, Mileslife is expected to arrive in Singapore in 2017 to help Singaporean consumers get to their dream destinations in style faster.

Mileslife is available for dining, hotel stays and even other lifestyle spends like spa and package tours so you can be sure that you are able to maximise earning miles across most avenues of spend. 

Airline Partners with Mileslife

Earning Miles with Airline Partners of Your Choice

Update: You can now earn miles on 12 different Frequent Flyer Programs!

There are currently 10 different Airline Partners on Mileslife and they include British Airways' Executive Club, United Airlines’ Mileage Plus and Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer. All you have to do is select a program of choice at the time of spend and the bonus miles will automatically be credited into your account. 

Mileslife now collaborates with a total of 10 airline partners, including British Airways, United Airlines’ Mileage Plus rewards program, and Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program. When it first launched a year ago, Mileslife also partnered with mileage programs supported by Chinese airlines, including China Southern Airlines’ Sky Pearl Club and Sichuan Airlines’ Golden Panda.

What are the Fees involved with using Mileslife?

There are absolutely no fees involved with using Mileslife as a user - you simply get to earn miles quicker and get on that First Class flight faster. Right now the payment gateway is located outside of Singapore and therefore some credit card companies may charge you a cross-border fee of 0.8%. 

When will I get my Miles? 

Use "WHALE" for 1,000 Bonus Miles on Mileslife

Use "WHALE" for 1,000 Bonus Miles on Mileslife

Eligible spend on Mileslife are tabulated and submitted on a daily basis. They are converted into your frequent flyer program of choice on a daily basis and it generally takes 3-5 working days for it to be reflected in your nominated frequent flyer program. 

Sign-up Bonus - 1,500 Miles

Get 1,500 bonus miles upon the completion of an eligible transaction (minimum of S$39) via the Mileslife app - click HERE to enter your mobile number for a unique invitation that will earn you 1,500 bonus miles. If you already have an account, here's how you can still get the 1,500 bonus miles: 

  1. Tap on Account tab on bottom right corner of the Mileslife app.
  2. Tap on Voucher 
  3. Enter "SHUTTERWHALE" (without quotations) and then tap REDEEM.