Cancel your ANZ Travel Card Now - No More Renewal Miles and Lounge Benefits

The ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card was one of my favourite credit cards in Singapore when I first starting working - it once offered complimentary and unlimited lounge access, limousine transfer after spending a reasonable amount and paying the annual fees (S$200) for 10,000 miles seem to be pretty reasonable. Starting from 01 April 2017 however, the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card will no longer offer lounge access (yes not even the horrible DragonPass Airport lounge access) and there will no longer be anymore renewal miles when you pay the annual fee - how is this even a travel card anymore?!

Click HERE to check out the brand new Terms and Conditions that will be effective 01 April 2017!

ANZ Travel Card | Photo Credit: ANZ 

ANZ Travel Card | Photo Credit: ANZ 

ANZ changed the terms and conditions in September last year when they require a minimum spend of S$10,000 per quarter for two complimentary DragonPass Airport lounge access (pretty ridiculous if you ask me). Limousine benefits are completely removed (you used to get it free when you hit S$2,500 worth of eligible spend) and now ceasing the 10,000 Travel$ (which converts into 10,000 miles) is utterly ridiculous. Honestly, how can this card be branded as a travel card after removing the bonus miles, lounge access and limousine service is beyond me. I will be removing this horrible card from the list of cards in Singapore where you get bonus miles from paying the annual fees

Do yourself a favour - cash out on those Travel$ and ditch this card now!