4 Best Places for Visiting China During Chinese New Year

Obviously New Year’s celebrations only come once a year – that is, unless you happen to be live in China. These Chinese people have their own calendar system that is nearly 5,000 years old at this point. Their New Year’s celebrations take place from late January to early February each year, and they are lively, exciting, and visually stunning celebrations. Native Chinese refer to their New Year’s celebrations as the Spring Festival, which makes sense given the colorful costumes and props as well as the delicious foods that are normally served during this time. If you have recently moved to China and want to really experience Chinese New Year in the country, here are the four best destinations.

1. Chinese New Year in Beijing

Beijing is one of the top travel destinations in China all year long, but this city gets even busier during the time of the Spring Festival. Known for being China’s capital city, visitors can find attractions such as the Great Wall of China as well as the Summer Palace. If you go here during Chinese New Year, you will be treated to amazing wonders. There are carnivals, traditional dances, and places where residents will stand outside and set off fireworks for you. 


2. Going to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year

Being the richest city in all of China, it is no surprise that the Spring Festival in Hong Kong is spectacular here. If you enjoy horse racing, you should take a trip to the Sha Tin Race Course, where thousands of people gather to see racing during the New Year festivities. There is a huge display of fireworks that is televised in Hong Kong, but it is even more wonderous in person. There is the traditional Lion and Dragon dance, which features trained musicians and dancers as they reenact ancient Chinese stories.

3. Experience the Spring Festival in Zhaolin Park

It is not necessary to always head off to a big attraction in a major city to enjoy Chinese New Year in China. In Harbin, China, there is Zhaolin Park, where visitors can see a world of art like none other. Here, the Ice Lantern Fair is held where sculptures are created out of blocks of ice. It is best to view this attraction at night, when all of the sculptures are illuminated and seemingly glow in the dark.

4. Experience the Spring Festival at Yabuli Ski Resort

As it can get very cold in China during this time of year, it is the perfect time to enjoy winter activities. If you are adventurous and love being active, then you have to go to the Yabuli Ski Resort. Go snowboarding, skiing, or simply watch others as they get some much-needed exercise. During Chinese New Year, this resort generally gets even more crowded. Celebrate the Spring Festival like a native and book your stay at the Yabuli Ski Resort in advance to get the full experience. If you are going to partake in any sports or activities while abroad, know that the risk of injury is not one to ignore, therefore it would be a good idea to look into health insurance options for expats in China before you leave. Your health is important, so start the Chinese New Year off right by making sure that you are well protected.

In China, families come together during the Spring Festival to eat, drink, and prepare for a prosperous new year. The foods that they eat, games that they play, and decorations that they put up all represent good luck. Their rich traditions are inspiring to all who get to witness them in real life. If you ever have the opportunity to visit China during the time of their traditional New Year’s celebrations, then you absolutely have to go to one of the above-mentioned locations.