Complete List of Credit Card Promo Codes (2019) for Hotels on Expedia - up to 12% Off!

[Last Update: 28 May 2019]

I am a firm believer of loyalty programs but lately some of them have been far from attractive. In any case, one can always do with a promo code or two for hotel bookings made on Expedia (especially when they do not belong to a strong loyalty program). The following table summarises all the known promo codes for hotel reservations and at the time of writing, OCBC cards offer the best deal at 12% off. You will also find year-round promotions (10% off hotel bookings) by most banks here in Singapore.

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Photo Credit: Rosewood Beijing

Photo Credit: Rosewood Beijing

In order to enter the promo code, you are required to go via dedicated landing pages which I have provided above. With that being said, I have had previous successes with stacking both the bank promo code as well as utilising ShopBack. Make sure you sign-up for an Expedia Rewards account to accrue some points from your stay - you may use them to offset future bookings (double value at VIP Access hotels!). Additionally, do note that the promo codes typically apply to the first room only so if you are making a reservation for more than one room, it may be a good idea to book them separately.

Bank Discount Booking Period Stay Period Promo Code Booking Link
American Express 12% 31 May 2019 31 August 2019 AMEXSG12 Expedia AmEx
American Express 10% 31 December 2019 31 March 2020 AMEXSG10 Expedia AmEx
Citibank 10% 31 December 2019 31 March 2020 CITIEXPSG Expedia Citibank
DBS/POSB 10% 31 January 2020 30 April 2020 DBSEXPSG Expedia DBS
HSBC 10% 31 December 2019 31 March 2020 HSBCEXP10 Expedia HSBC
Maybank 10% 31 December 2019 31 March 2020 MBBEXP10 Expedia Maybank
OCBC 10% 31 December 2019 31 March 2020 OCBCSG10 Expedia OCBC
UOB 10% 31 March 2019 30 June 2019 UOBEXPSG17 Expedia UOB