Citi Rebate to Be Discontinued from 25 April 2019 - Citi Rebate will expire on 03 May 2019!

Citibank Singapore currently offers Citi Rebate of up to 10% on top of all your other card benefits at over 300 locations. With effect from 25 April 2019, transactions at these participating merchants will no longer be awarded Citi Rebate - any Citi Rebate (except for Citi M1 Rebate) that is not redeemed by 03 May 2019 will be forfeited.

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Photo Credit: Citibank

Photo Credit: Citibank

Selected merchants like Starbucks offer 10% Citi Rebate on transactions so that was a great way to save some money on 'everyday expenses'. If you are planning to visit the coffee chain fairly frequently this year, it may be a good idea to top up your Starbucks Card (maximum value of S$300) right now. Loading S$300 credit will give you S$30 back in Citi Rebate - you can then purchase another Starbucks Card for S$30 to utilise your Citi Rebate completely.

To find out how much Citi Rebate you have, simply SMS CRBTBAL<space><last 4 digits of your card> to 72484 (e.g. CRBTBAL 0123).