OCBC VOYAGE Reduces Minimum Spend for Free Limousine Ride from S$3,000 to S$1,500 for Foreign Currency Transactions

Citibank became the talk of the town a couple of weeks ago when they 'enhanced' the limousine benefit for Citi Prestige cardholders - members were required to spend only S$1,500 in order to unlock two free limousine rides each quarter but that amount will be increased to S$20,000 from 01 April 2019. OCBC has just updated their website to enhance the limousine benefit for OCBC VOYAGE cardholders (this is actually a real enhancement so good job OCBC!) - cardholders are now able to unlock a free limousine ride by spending just S$1,500 (instead of S$3,000) in a currency other than SGD each month!

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Photo Credit: OCBC

Photo Credit: OCBC

OCBC VOYAGE cardholders can still 'earn' up to two free limousine rides each month (up to 24 each year) by spending in local currency - the first S$3,000 in SGD will unlock a free limousine transfer and the next S$3,000 in SGD will unlock a second one. Each ride earned will be valid for three months. However, with the new enhancement, cardholders are also ale to unlock a free limousine transfer for simply spending S$1,500 in equivalent foreign currency (non-SGD). Spending another S$1,500 in foreign spend in the same calendar month will unlock an additional limousine transfer. Do note that cardholders are only entitled to two free limousine transfers each month. 

To put things simply, charging a minimum of the following spend will earn you one free limousine transfer and the maximum number of complimentary rides that you can earn each month is two:

  • S$3,000 in Local Currency (SGD), or

  • S$1,500 in Foreign Currency (non-SGD)