Qantas is now Offering Me 7,000 Points or Two Business Lounge Passes for Damaged Business Class Seat

As you may already know, on my flight from Singapore to Brisbane, my seat in Business Class was unable to recline fully on an overnight flight and after reaching out to the Qantas Customer Care team, I was being offered 5,000 Qantas Points ‘as a gesture of goodwill’. While my flight was a commercial ticket (meaning to say, I paid good money for it), it is worth noting that a redemption in the same cabin class will cost 60,000 Qantas Points one way - therefore, 5,000 Points is definitely not a reasonable compensation amount in my opinion. After replying that 5,000 Qantas Points is unreasonable, I have now gotten a counter offer for 7,000 Qantas Points or have my QFF account credited with two Business Lounge passes.

Photo Credit: Qantas

Photo Credit: Qantas

Obviously, the two Business Lounge passes are of no value to me since I am already traveling in Business Class (and will therefore have access to the Business Lounges). In the event that I am traveling in Economy (no matter how unlikely), I will be able to access selected lounges operated by Qantas (+2 guests) anyway thanks to my MVP Gold status on the Mileage Plan program. Even though the customer service representative has raised the compensation amount to 7,000 (from 5,000) Qantas Points, I still think that it is a fairly low amount for someone who has paid a steep premium on the Business Class seat to catch up on some rest on an overnight flight.

Apparently with 7,000 Qantas Points I can now redeem one of David William’s books (The World's Worst Children) and hey, I actually have a great idea for David’s next book - who do you think The World’s Worst Customer Service should be?

When I posted my frustrations a couple of day ago, one of the social media representatives asked me to ‘DM [my] case number so [they] can follow up’ but guess what happened when I sent them my case number? Check out their response below!