How to Redeem and Utilise Waitrr Rewards Points for Credits to Offset Your Next Purchase

A couple of days back, I wrote about the upcoming devaluation of Waitrr Rewards Points - on 18 June 2019, you will require more points in exchange for the same amount of credits. At the time of writing, it is unclear whether or not there will be more redemption options and more importantly, we do not know how bad the devaluation will be.

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There are currently three redemption options on Waitrr so depending on your current balance, you should pick the right combination which allows you to exhaust your balance in the most efficient manner (if that is in fact your intention):

  • S$2 - 500 Points

  • S$5 - 1,250 Points

  • S$10 - 2,500 Points


After converting your Waitrr Rewards Points into Waitrr Credits, you will notice that this balance (S$18 in my case) sits in your account and it can be utilised immediately.


What I really like about Waitrr Credits is the fact that you can use them across different orders and transaction - you do not have to use them all or forfeit the balance if you have an abundance of points and credit. In a way, the Waitrr Credits actually act as a wallet (even though you can’t actually top-up the balance) and you can even utilise it with an existing promo code (e.g. S$3 off as shown above). If you do not already have a Waitrr account, signing-up for one using my referral code (‘MAR94817’) will give you S$3 off your first order!