Guest Chef Metin Isci to visit Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Guest Chef Metin Isci from Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum will be showcasing his culinary finesse at the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore's Melt Café  from 3 to 12 March 2016. Originally a combination of flavours from Middle Eastern, Greek, and Balkan cultures, Turkish cuisine has evolved under the influence of the Seljuk and Ottoman cuisines over centuries. As such, every region in Turkey has a selection of different and unique creations varying from kebabs to soups and desserts, consisting of heavy use of vegetables, spices and meats.

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Mezze | Photo Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Mezze | Photo Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Here are some of the buffet highlights to expect from Guest Chef Metin Isci at Melt Café: 

İçli Köfte, bulgur sphere-shaped shells filled with minced beef, onions and walnuts, served alongside Acılı Ezme; a spicy tomato paste served with green chillies, and Humus; mashed Jerusalem chickpeas mixed with a refreshing dressing of tahini, lemon and olive oil. 

Take delight in the Bodrum seafood soup of vegetables and fish in a piping hot Bodrum Balık Çorbası, followed by Ekşili Tavuk But, sour fried chicken legs or the Fırında Tavuk But, chicken legs baked to perfection. Other noteworthy highlights include the hearty Karides Güveç shrimp and vegetables casserole, Patlıcan Musakka, stuffed eggplant topped with minced beef, green peppers and covered in tomato sauce, as well as the Perdeli Pilav, where fragrant pilaf rice is encased in crispy Turkish pastry.

Guests can also look forward to the live station, where traditional lamb and beef grilled kebabs meet soft thin unleavened lavash flatbread, as well as the Tuzda Levrek, delectable Mediterranean Sea bass wrapped and baked in a flaky salt crust. Finally, round up the gastronomic experience with the popular Turkish rice pudding, Fırın Sütlaç or the Sakızlı Muhallebi, a milky pudding dusted with light sugar.

Chef Metin Isci from Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum | Photo Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Chef Metin Isci from Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum | Photo Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore


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