Existing OCBC VOYAGE Cardholders Get (Official) Option to Renew Card at S$3,210 for 150,000 Miles

OCBC removed the option to purchase 500,000 VOYAGE Miles (which is converted into KrisFlyer Miles) for S$10,000 with the OCBC VOYAGE Card in September last year. While new customers still have the option of getting the card at either S$488 (15,000 Miles) or S$3,210 (150,000 Miles), existing principal holders of the VOYAGE Card do not officially have this option with renewal until now.

Photo Credit: OCBC

Photo Credit: OCBC

While this is definitely not the cheapest way to purchase miles through the payment of annual fees here in Singapore, being able to renew the VOYAGE Card (which is one of my recommended credit cards to hold in 2019) and purchase 150,000 miles at the cost of $0.021 per mile is not exactly a terrible offer if you are in dire need of KrisFlyer Miles. It is worth noting that the terms and conditions for this offer state the following:

The Qualified Customer must be an existing KrisFlyer member with a valid KrisFlyer account. Failure to provide a valid KrisFlyer account number on the VOYAGE Card application form pertaining to this Benefit prior to the submission of the VOYAGE Card application, will deem this Benefit inapplicable and invalid to the Qualified Customer.

The conversion and transfer of the VOYAGE Miles to KrisFlyer Miles will be reflected in the Qualified Customer’s statement of account within 30 working days from the Relevant Option Notification Date.