Huge Savings (>25%) on Singapore Airlines Business Class Flights with American Express Platinum IAP

When I wrote about the changes to the International Airline Programme for American Express Platinum Members earlier today, I did not expect the savings to be drastic. If you have not seen that article, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways have essentially joined the IAP and American Express Centurion as well as Platinum Members now have access to discounted Business Class and First Class fares (that is not publicly available).

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Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines

Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines

28% Savings between Singapore and Haneda (Tokyo) - Business Class

When comparing the same flights on the same dates (and the same fare class!) between Singapore and Haneda (Tokyo) on Singapore Airlines Business Class, the IAP rates come out S$1,087 cheaper than the publicly available rate on Singapore Airlines. That’s right - you are not reading this wrongly - the IAP Rate came up to just S$2,857.40 (28% cheaper!) whereas the public rate was S$3,944.40!

12% Savings between Singapore and Sydney - Business Class

While the savings are not as dramatic as the previous example, a quick search between Singapore and Sydney on Singapore Airlines in Business Class reveals S$573 savings (12%!) for the exact same flights, dates and fare class.

10% Savings between Singapore and Sydney - First Class/Suites

If you are used to flying in the pointy end of the airplane, you will also get to enjoy savings in First Class. A quick search between Singapore and Sydney reveals an approximately 10% savings for the same first class flights when booking the IAP Rate under American Express.

How to Search for IAP Rates (for American Express Platinum and Centurion Members)

If you already hold a Centurion or Platinum Card from American Express, read on to find out how you can search for IAP Rates online yourself. If you do not currently have a Platinum Card, signing-up using my referral link will get you an additional 40,000 Membership Rewards Points (equivalent to 25,000 miles!).

Photo Credit: American Express

Photo Credit: American Express

  • Step 1: Click on American Express Travel

  • Step 2: Sign-in to your American Express account

  • Step 3: Search for Flights

  • Step 4: Look out for ‘International Airline Program – Platinum Card Member Benefit’ in the Results