5 Things to do Immediately after getting your new Platinum Card from American Express

You have just gotten your brand new Platinum Card from American Express and after spending S$1,712 on the annual fee, it is understandable that you wish to get the most benefits out of it as soon as possible. Here are five benefits that you should activate immediately with rewards to your new Platinum Card from American Express:

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Photo Credit: American Express

Photo Credit: American Express

1. Priority Pass Enrollment

One of the main reasons why I decided to pay for the annual fee of the prestigious Platinum Card is the unlimited lounge access privilege that comes with it. While most places (e.g. Centurion Lounges and Plaza Premium Lounges) would immediately recognise your metal card, you will still be required to sign-up for a Priority Pass membership in order to start accessing these lounges - you will also get a +1 guest benefit with this card but according to The American Express Platinum Concierge, processing will take about 3 weeks from receipt of completed form. There is a copy of the enrollment form in the welcome pack (the same one that came with your shiny new metal card) but if for some reason, you have already lost it or have accidentally misplaced it, you can request for it via The Platinum Concierge - simply dial the number on the back of the card or call 1800 392 1177 if you are in Singapore.

Even though the whole process is supposed to take 3 weeks, I actually got my membership number and validation code in 10 days. The physical card (mailed out from Hong Kong) took approximately one week to come from the date that I received my digital membership details. Do note that most airport lounges that participate in the Priority Pass program will allow you to access the lounges using the digital card. Since there is a close to 2-week lag time on activating this benefit, you should do this ASAP if you wish to take advantage of this quickly.

Unlimited Airport Lounge Access with The Platinum Card

Unlimited Airport Lounge Access with The Platinum Card

2. Call The Platinum Concierge

If you are missing the Priority Pass enrollment form, you will have to call up The Platinum Concierge to get it emailed to you. There will probably be some kind of verification the first time you call in (assuming this is your first American Express card) but this typically only be more dreadful the first time. In any case, it is a good idea to give The Platinum Concierge a quick call so they have all the details required (e.g. email address, phone number and other information) to help you with future requests. You will also be able to email them - for both Lifestyle and Travel requests - but these email addresses are not publicised.

The Platinum Concierge fulfils Travel and Lifestyle Requests

The Platinum Concierge fulfils Travel and Lifestyle Requests

3. Activate Hotel Elite Status

Holders of The Platinum Card by American Express will gain instant status in four different loyalty programs without having to meet the minimum requirement for them:

  • Shangri-La Golden Circle - Jade Membership

  • Starwood Preferred Guest (Marriott Rewards) - Gold Elite Status

  • Raddison Rewards - Gold Status

  • Hilton Honors - Gold Status

Even though Marriott Rewards Gold Elite status may not be much (since the only real benefit to me is the 25% bonus on points), having Jade and Gold status in the Shangri-La Golden Circle as well as the Hilton Honors program respectively will give you complimentary breakfast at all participating brands. In order to benefit from this enhanced status, you will have to enroll yourself into these Platinum Card benefits and you can do it via this link once you have received your Platinum Card. Once again, the activation of these benefits can take a couple of days to a few weeks so make sure you do it as soon as possible if you wish to start using them soon.

Instant Hotel Elite Status with no Minimum Nights Required

Instant Hotel Elite Status with no Minimum Nights Required

4. Apply for Supplementary Cards

Despite the S$1,712 annual fee on The Platinum Card, principal cardholders are able to nominate up to 2 supplementary cardholders for free (for life!). Additional supplementary cards (starting from the 3rd) can be requested at S$160.50 each per year. I definitely recommend sharing the Platinum Card benefits with your family or your loved one since this helps to spread out that fixed cost. It is also worth noting that your supplementary cardholders will be able to enjoy the same elite status benefit in selected hotel loyalty programs (see above!). You will also be able to nominate one of your supplementary cardholders for the Priority Pass benefit (he or she will also be able to get a +1 guest benefit with his or her card). It may take up to two weeks for you to receive the supplementary card but you may request for them to expedite your request if it is urgent - I got mine within 5 days!

5. Activate The Boingo American Express Preferred Plan

As an American Express Platinum Card member, you will be able to enjoy a complimentary membership in The Boingo American Express Preferred Plan. Under this plan you will be able to access 1 million hotspots worldwide and enjoy unlimited (and free!) WiFi access on up to four different devices. Personally for me, this plan has been rather useful at some hotels that I have been to and I noticed that a lot of the WiFi connections at participating AccorHotels can be accessed using this method. That being said, I have encountered some difficulties in accessing the WiFi sometimes but I guess it is a good benefit to have in the event that you need it.