50% Cashback (Capped at S$10 per Merchant) at these CBD Outlets on ShopBack GO - Double-dip Opportunity with Citibank's S$53 Offer

Get up to S$53 back when you dine out with your Citi Visa Card - all you have to do is link your credit card to your ShopBack GO account and let the magic happen. If you are interested to know more about the details of this promotion, check out my previous post to find out how you can earn up to S$53 on ShopBack GO when you dine out before 15 September 2019. For a limited time only, activate the boost feature on ShopBack GO for selected merchants to increase your cashback (up to 50%!) at participating restaurants (capped at S$10 per merchant!).

Click HERE to sign-up for a free ShopBack GO account and start saving money on dining expenses!

Photo Credit: ShopBack

Photo Credit: ShopBack

What I like most about ShopBack GO is that you will only have to set it up once with your credit card(s) - you will continue to earn points and miles (or cashback) at participating restaurants when you use your card and the cashback that you get on the platform is in addition to everything you get (including credit card discounts if they are applicable). If you would like to find out how it works, you may wish to check out my guide on ShopBack GO. In the meantime, here are some restaurants (be sure to activate the boost in the app!) that you can enjoy massive cashbacks at on your first visit (capped at S$10 per merchant):

Photo Credit: ShopBack

Photo Credit: ShopBack

  • Daily Cut - 50%

  • The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) - 50%

  • Omnivore - 20%

  • Wafuken - 20%

  • Rookery - 20%

  • Workspace Espresso - 20%

  • Cedele Bakery Cafe - 20%

  • Muchachos - 20%

  • KIPOS Gourmet - 20%