Redeem Chope-Dollars and earn 200 Bonus Chope-Dollars on Your Next Reservation!

Using Chope for restaurant reservations is one of the easiest and smartest ways of doing so - you will also be able to earn Chope-Dollars (C$) with each fulfilled reservation and redeem them for dining vouchers as well as KrisFlyer miles! If you do not already have a Chope account, you should definitely sign-up for one as there are no costs involved in signing-up or using the platform. If like me, you have C$ to redeem, Chope is currently running a promotion (I do not believe it is targeted) to offer everyone a 200 C$ promo code (to be utilised on the next visit) when they redeem their C$ by 12 March 2018. 

Click HERE to sign-up for Chope and get 300 bonus Chope-Dollars!

As you might already remember, all regular users of Chope may earn 100 C$ with each fulfilled reservation - they can then redeem 1,000 C$ for a S$30 dining voucher (or gift card which can be used to purchase gift cards) - and this approximates the value of each fulfilled reservation at S$3. Alternatively, you may also choose to redeem 1,200 C$ for 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles which you can then redeem for free flights on Economy (even though you generally should not), Business Class and First Class. 

Required C$ Dining Voucher Bonus C$ Effective C$ Value per 100 C$
400 $10 200 200 $5.00
700 $20 200 500 $4.00
1000 $30 200 800 $3.75

If you are thinking about redeeming your C$ for dining vouchers, it is always a good idea to redeem 1,000 C$ for a S$30 gift card which you can then use to buy a S$50 dining voucher for S$15 (S$45 - S$30 Gift Card = S$15). However, under this promotion, if you intend to simply make one reservation and trigger the 200 C$ promo code, redeeming a S$10 voucher or gift card may actually make sense.