Italian Fashion Brand Kiton To Exit American Express EXTRA Platinum Partner Agreement from 11 October 2019

If you are thinking about making yourself a S$50,000 suit at Kiton, you have until 10 October 2019 to earn 20X Membership Rewards (MR) Points here with an eligible American Express Centurion or Platinum Card. As you may already know, Centurion and Platinum (Charge) Members can earn 20X MR Points (equivalent to 7.81 miles per dollar) for the first S$16,000 spent across all American Express Platinum EXTRA Partners.

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Any spending in excess of S$16,000 (across American Express Platinum EXTRA Partners) will continue to earn 10X MR Points (equivalent 3.91 miles per dollar) with no cap and that is honestly a fantastic deal if you are already planning to buy something (especially when you combine it with the referral bonus and the welcome offer of The Platinum Card). As a quick reminder, using my referral link for The Platinum Card will get you 40,000 bonus MR Points (equivalent to 25,000 miles) on top of the welcome offer of 75,000 bonus MR Points (equivalent to 46,875 miles). Hypothetically, if you were to drop fifty grand on a suit at Kiton, you are potentially looking at a massive number of miles:

  • First S$16,000 = 200,000 MR Points

  • Next S$34,000 = 212,500 MR Points 

  • Referral Bonus = 40,000 MR Points 

  • Welcome Offer = 75,000 MR Points

  • Total = 527,500 MR Points (Approx. 329,500 Miles)